Lieutenant Commander Dustin Cummins

Dustin Cummins

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Lieutenant Commander Dustin Cummins

Name: Dustin Cummins

Position: Commanding Officer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Character Information


Physical Appearance

Hair Color:
Ash Brown
Eye Color:
Physical Description:
Not a tall man. Dustin thick ash brown hair looks as though he wears it long, despite being off the collar and just on the ears. His eyes are youthful and bright giving him what would be described as a baby face.


Oscar Cummins
Lidia Cummins (nee Mai)

Personality & Traits

General Overview:
First impressions of Dustin are often that he's just a big kid. He has a positive outlook in most situations and a keen passion for piloting. He's the guy in the group who'll make suggestions on where to eat but happily follow if it's all the same. Over the years of command opportunities, he's attacks it with a child like wonder. He has a self confidence that lets him stand by his decisions; it is that same self confidence that allows him to learn from his mistakes and own them.

He is a generally friendly individual, even as his opportunities to command have grown frequency and tries to see the best in people. He is slow to anger but does not tolerate being played the fool. He is not a perfectionist and can sometimes get stuck over thinking a problem, but his chipper demeanor covers for it.
Hobbies & Interests:
Often confused with someone who would love the surf and waves, Dustin loves flight and warp travel. When not on a spaceship however, he longs for grass and fresh air, something he missed about being forced from his home as a child.
Personal History:
A young child at the outbreak of the Dominion War, which claimed the lives of many of his cousins and extended family, Dustin's family fled their home due to threat of the dominion invasion. Spending vast quantities of time in refugee camps and temporary accommodation, he was fortunate to be able to conclude his schooling at an Alpha Centauri school, when his parents resettled there after the war.

Spending many formative years on transports and evacuation craft, Dustin picked up his love for space travel. The adventure and thrill it gave him, due to the nativity of his age, lent him to purse a Helm track at the Academy, upon acceptance at age 18.

Service Record:
His 4 year cadetship went without major issue, passing his Helm major. He spent much time, clocking up hours as a cadet pilot, flying shuttles around Sol. His academy file includes several notes regarding his natural fascination and excitement regarding warp flight. A further note included a comment by a guest lecturer and Captain Gardoff about a potentially untapped natural leadership gift. In addition to piloting, his studies included a propulsion and engineering stream.

Concluding his cadetship with above average flight hours, Dustin received his first billet aboard the Nightingale. He would serve 2 years as Ensign before a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Shortly after his promotion he was transferred across to the Tullamarine. The Tullamarine, under the command of Captain Gardoff, took interest in unpacking the potential of command in Dustin, his 'tests' were successful, with Dustin a calm and capable leader. After several successful away missions he was included in the night watch rotation to lead the bridge crew.

A billet for Chief Flight Control Officer, was too tempting however and he transferred after only a few months being included in the watch rotation. His transfer came with it a promotion to Lieutenant. At this same time, he applied to Star Fleet R&D for a spot on an up and coming Light Escort Project, it would be more than a year before he'd be accepted. That project was the Aquarius Class Project where he'd form part of the Test Flight crew. It is an exciting 2 years of heavy involvement in the design and system tests.

After celebrating the first successful warp flight of the new ship, Dustin would receive a communication from Captain Gardoff, offering him the billet of First Officer. It was a huge decision, but a decision he couldn't not make. He would serve as the last Executive Officer of the Tullamarine before her decommissioning and scuttle. Billet-less and feeling a sense of fulfillment, at age 29 Dustin was requested into a meeting that would change his life.

The planned Odyssey class rollout would be delayed indefinitely as Star Fleet drew resources into protecting it's borders due to growing civil issues from the fractured Romulan Empire. Due to this, the Aquarius Class ships would be assigned as self sufficient, operating as border patrol craft. Dustin had been 1 of 10 officers picked to command these first of a new line of ship.